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The Top 3 Bodybuilding Secrets To Cutting Body Fat Below 5%



The Top 3 Bodybuilding Secrets To Cutting Body Fat Below 5%

Bodybuilding Secrets: Bodybuilders are known for their fanatical approach to their diet and exercise, mostly their diet.

We can all picture a guy with these huge arms spooning out little bits of salad onto a plate and then weighing it, but why?

Why all the fuss of weighing everything and being so careful? It seems so overboard and stupid upon the first glimpse, anyway.

When you get down to it, though, you see that these enormous fellows (and girls) have discovered that the science behind getting absolutely ripped to shreds and having abs that resemble a corrugated iron roof the key is MATH.

Not long division, calculus, or anything to do with quantitative analysis, just good old-fashioned addition.

Here are the top three biggest secrets to getting to 5% (and beyond) Body Fat Levels

1. Using the beauty of fibrous carbohydrates

Often people will quit a fat loss plan altogether; they never even last long enough to plateau or to get weak and tired; they just quit.


Because they are HUNGRY!

Hungry for foods that make them feel good (and taste good) instead of only having tiny helpings of calories each day that would barely satisfy a pre-schooler.

This is where the secrets of fibrous carbs come into play.

You see, fibrous carbs are filled with fibre (wow!), which makes you feel full, but they also give you plenty of energy and the best part, they are extremely low in calories.

Here is an example I often use to describe just how little calories fibrous carbs contain.

You can have 1 cup of brown rice (starchy carbohydrate) that is equal to 150 calories,


You can have a plate full of the following:

  • 2 cups of lettuce
  • 1 cup cooked mushrooms
  • 3 cups of cucumber
  • 1 medium size tomato
  • 1 cup of broccoli

For a grand total of around 150 calories as well.

That is the secret to feeling full and eating stuff all calories.

2. Exercise Synergy

Bodybuilders know that 2+2 doesn’t have to equal four.

If you take two different things and combine them, often the result can be far greater than when they are used alone, just like a can of gas and a car.

Alone, they are entirely useless unless you need somewhere to sleep or to light a fire – but together, they can get you anywhere at maximum speed in comfort, heated or cooled while relaxing and listening to music.

Cardio is the same.

If you combine weight training with traditional cardio, you will see body fat dropping faster than you ever could have hoped for.

The reasons for this are numerous, but here are a couple:

  • Lifting heavy stuff burns a LOT of calories
  • For up to a whole day after you weight lifting session your body is still burning calories
  • When you do cardio, you are helping your muscles repair faster
  • Cardio makes you healthier and when you are healthier, your body progresses faster – whether that be losing fat or gaining muscle
  • Cardio also burns a lot of calories

This explains why some athletes munch out on crappy junk food and never get fat, they just do so much exercise that they can eat what they want, kind of like how marathon runners eat chocolate and m&ms for energy because they know they will burn it straight off again.

3. Rewards & Knowing Why

If I ask you to come and work for me, you ask, “How much you gonna pay me, boy?”.

If I say, “Nothing, now get to work, BOY!”, chances are you will tell me where to go.

We need to be rewarded for our efforts, and that includes efforts we do for ourselves, and bodybuilders will tell you they get rewarded by the feeling of being on stage, ripped to bits in front of a huge crowd.

They love being healthy, they love being the center of attention and being adored (or called a freak!), they love people staring at them, and they love being strong.

They also love the post-contest pig-out.

Yep, that’s right, after a contest, most bodybuilders will treat themselves to an absolute battalion of treats they would normally not eat.

Make sure you have a decent reward for yourself – maybe you can even get someone to sponsor you for a financial reward.

I like to reward myself by having a day off and doing something I really love for a few hours and eating something slightly outside the healthy parameters.

Sometimes I overdo it, and then I feel so guilty I don’t eat anything bad for ages – vicious cycle, but it works!

Find your special reward and treat yourself when you have made your desired progressive goals.

Knowing why you want to achieve such a goal and how to do it will be much easier.


Dumbbell Workouts – 4 Tips to Avoid Injury and Embarrassment



Dumbbell Workouts – 4 Tips to Avoid Injury and Embarrassment

Dumbbell Workouts – 4 Tips to Avoid Injury and Embarrassment

  1. Learn the right technique:

    When you lift weights, even if they’re light dumbbells, the wrong technique could cause sprains and muscle pulls. You may not be able to afford a personal trainer or even a gym membership, but there are websites that offer tutorials and tips on the right way to work out with dumbbells. You could also learn the right way to use dumbbells from friends and family members who are workout enthusiasts.

  2. Don’t overdo the weight:

    It’s ok to be enthusiastic and eager to work your muscles, but if you start out with the heaviest ones, you’re going to end up either dropping them on your feet or spraining a muscle trying to lift more than you can. So start out with the lightest dumbbells you can find before moving on to heavier alternatives.

  3. Do the “drop set”:

    If you’re working out with heavy dumbbells and cannot complete your reps because your muscles are aching, put them down and use a lighter pair that you have at hand. This prevents wear and tear and injury on your muscles.

  4. Pick them up correctly:

    When you’re picking up the dumbbells or laying them down, don’t bend from your waist down; instead, go into a half squat and lift them using your thighs for leverage. If you use your back, you could end up with a serious injury if the dumbbells are too heavy.

Choose dumbbell exercises that you’re comfortable with and which tone and strengthen the parts of your body that need firming up. Once you’ve learned a certain set of exercises, it’s easy enough to go through them for just 30 minutes or so every day. However, remember to follow the right safety measures when performing your dumbbell workouts; keep in mind the tips to avoid injury, which could put you out of action.

This guest post is contributed by Maryanne Osberg, who writes on the topic of RN to MSN Online Programs. She can be reached at mary.anne579(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

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Kettlebell Weights – Even better than throwing ‘shit’ around…



Kettlebell Weights – Even better than throwing ‘shit’ around…

It’s a tall order to be calm and dignified all the time. Obama spooks me out for this very reason. I’m not being judgmental of the man here but he’s really chilled out. Don’t suppose he has any moments when he throws things around because he’s just pissed like normal human beings.

Almost everyone of us have been in one of these episodes where you throw and break things because you’ve just about had enough. And you can only appease that anger by destroying some thing, regardless of who valuable it might be at the time…

While there are some of you who might deny being this way, there are those who are – and it’s time that you considered using kettlebells, if only to mimic the quick “throwing movements” that come with this form of exercise.

Kettlebell Weights – Even better than throwing

Even though most people think that kettlebell weights are the latest fitness fad, nothing can be further from the truth. Actually, Russians have been using them years together now, and which was passed on to the military and their Olympians as well.

Of course, Hollywood has taken this form of training and made the most of it and the list of names goes on – Lance Armstrong, Sylvester Stallone, Kim Basinger, Jennifer Lopez, the entire cast of “300” and the legendary Bruce Lee.

And not surprisingly, the US Secret Service and the US Navy Seals have taken it up in training as well.

But what you should keep in mind especially if you’re one of the try-anything types, this form of exercise is not for those with a strained back or shoulders or even a weak core.

One good reason for this is because it is vigorous exercise…

But for those of you who can (and should) take a shot at this type of training, you should know that you can train with these cannonball-like objects with increasing weights of 1/2 a pood (16 kg) such as 8kg, 16kg, 24kg, 32kg, 40kg and 48kg.

Just the mere mention of the word pood should tell you how rich in tradition this form of exercise really is… with its origins in Russia, of course, and yes… as old as vodka itself!

Kettlebell Weights Training: An Overview

Perhaps the best part about working with Kettlebells is that it mimics everyday movements as opposed to other workouts that you find these days. According to some people who have tried this workout, you’re done in 50 minutes or so, in comparison to those who pound away at those weights for two or three weights, way after your testosterone levels are depleted.

But what are the benefits, you might ask?

With a focus on strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training, need I say more?

If that’s not enough, the shoulders, lower back and legs get an excellent workout, thanks to even the most basic exercises such as the swing, snatch and clean & jerk which work on almost all muscles in the body.

And if you are interested, follow this link in order to know more about kettlebell exercises…

In Closing

So much for being able to throw (your) weight around… huh?

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Cardio Music – A Good Companion During Workouts?



Cardio Music – A Good Companion During Workouts?

For a while now, I’ve noticed that whenever I put on a football match or some music while writing, it seems to either help or speed up the process while not hampering quality.

In fact, football players in the United States have been known to listen to classical music while in practice sessions. As bizarre as that is, it not only helps athletes to focus and do well but also students as well as those who take exercise seriously.

Again this depends on the type of workout you choose – if it’s yoga, then the music is definitely Indian, if weights, then some rock would do just fine but if you’re into cardio, then there are digital tracks that one can obtain, and can be found in the genre of cardio music.

The Importance of workout

While anaerobic exercise is important for building strength and increasing energy which is usually built through exercises and that lasts for short bursts.

While men mostly fancy weight lifting, women enjoy a good cardio workout yet it must be said that both these types of workouts are necessary.

Almost anyone would know that cardio involves using the lungs for much longer than you would in weight training. Of course, whether you use a treadmill, stationary cycle, indoor rower or just jog in the neighborhood, this is cardio exercise and require one’s lungs to pump energy for you to last as long as you would.

And trust me, a little cardio music definitely helps in giving you that extra boost when you are exercising whether it’s cardio or even weight training, where one can use machines as well as dumbbells.

Interestingly, there’s also another form of exercise that combines both types: kettlebell weights. Yes, they combine the benefits of both cardio and weight lifting workouts.

Yet there’s nothing like using music to fuel you on when performing any of these workouts, and so let’s look at where we can find cardio music.

So,where Can One Find Cardio Music?

Of course, you can look for workout videos at your nearest store but if one looks over the internet, you will find a treasure trove of cardio music that you couldn’t even imagine.

For starters, if you don’t want to buy anything just yet, sample a few videos from Youtube. Here’s a video that I like very much… and just excellent for those who are into weight training.

Better still, you can look for articles over the internet and make a compilation of the best workout songs that will make you get up and want to put in a hard workout.

(Prior to this, I used tracks from an Israeli goa-cum-progressive trance band called Astral Projection, and workout to their music. And it worked, even though I workout at home.)

Finally, in your search over the internet, you will also find proper compilations at the various stores, like Amazon and so on and so forth. Remember to sample  some of the tracks before purchasing it… or else you’ll waste your money and have to go through the process all over again.

In Closing

So, what do you think about using cardio music in your workouts? Do you find it works? If so, feel free to share your thoughts, as to how they work as an excellent companion during your workouts.

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